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Provider Credentialing​

Provider Credentialing

Simplify Provider Credentialing with

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We Handle the Paperwork

We understand the complexities and challenges of the provider credentialing process. Our team of professionals specializes in handling the entire credentialing and re-credentialing process, taking on all responsibilities typically handled by your staff. This allows your team to concentrate on more critical tasks, such as providing exceptional patient care.

From tracking completion and collecting necessary documents to completing the credentialing process and submitting applications to payers, we ensure a seamless and efficient process. We promptly respond to requests for corrections or additional information from payers, guaranteeing smooth communication throughout. Our dedicated team also tracks re-credentialing deadlines, initiating and completing the process when your practice is due for re-credentialing.


We work closely with providers, assisting with initial application filling, performing necessary tasks like primary source verification and background screening, and coordinating with payers to facilitate timely approvals and expedite provider starts.

Partnering with Metaverse Medical Billing LLC enables your practice’s success by navigating the provider enrollment and medical credentialing process with expertise, while keeping costs low. Say goodbye to cash flow problems, data errors, and accidental expirations. We alleviate your headaches and provide a streamlined solution. Contact us today to simplify your credentialing process.

Here's how Metaverse Medical Billing LLC can assist

Metaverse Medical Billing LLC is committed to providing comprehensive solutions to assist your practice in maximizing revenue and optimizing financial success.

Data Collection

We help gather the necessary background and demographics information required for credentialing.

CAQH Enrollment

We assist providers with CAQH enrollment, profile maintenance, and record updates.

Fully Transparent Access

Complete access to our Electronic Health Records and credentialing system, giving you visibility into our processes.

We Deliver only High-Quality Medications for Everyone

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Dedicated Customer Representative

You are assigned a dedicated account manager who serves as your sole point of contact, knowledgeable about the credentialing needs of your medical organization.

Credentialing is a vital component of any medical organization. It ensures providers meet the required standards of the organization and its payers, reduces risk, and enhances reputation. Credentialing also improves PR, attracting new patients and building their trust.

We address all your


Let Metaverse Medical Billing LLC take care of your provider credentialing and ongoing maintenance.

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